Nicholas Di Genova
born 1981


2000 - 2005: Ontario College of Art and Design, AOCADU

Solo Exhibitions

2019: “Unnatural Selections”, Carbon Art and Design, Picton, ON
2017: “Green Man”, Wil Kucey Gallery. Toronto, ON
2014:   "Ultima", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2011:    "Preemptive Evolution", Dukan et Hourdequin Gallery, Paris, France
2010:   "Chimera", Fredericks and Freiser Gallery, New York, NY
2008:   "Die Young", ID Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2007:   "Birds are Terrifying Creatures", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2006:   "Death From Below", Fredericks and Freiser Gallery, New York, NY
2005:   "Due West of the Happy-Lake Hills", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004:   "At the Water's Edge", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON

Two-Person Exhibitions

2005:   "Contemporary Drawing" Gallery 500, Portland, OR
2005:   "Nicholas Di Genova & Sean McCarthy" Fredericks and Freiser Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019: “Comfort In”, Samara Contemporary, Toronto, ON
2019: “The Pod”, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA
2018: “Originale_18”, Zoo Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
2016:   “Composition Poétique Quotidienne”, Galerie Youn, Montreal, QC
2015:   "POCKET", Galerie Dukan, Leipzig, Germany
2015:   "Works with Paper", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2015:   "New Contemporary", TAC Art/Work Gallery, Toronto, ON
2015:   "Kunstsärk", Tallinn Art Space, Tallinn, Estonia
2015:   "Drawings", Galerie Dukan, Paris, France
2014:   "Beware of the Beast", Narwhal Art Projects, Toronto, ON
2014:   "YES, WE COLLECTION!", Galerie du 5éme, Marseille, France
2013:   "Accumulations", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2012:   "Salon Schwarzenberg", Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2011:   "Hanged + Drawn", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2011:   "OK, NOW THE FLOOR IS LAVA!", Rochelle School, London, UK
2011:   "LE Sept", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2011:   "Printing Talentos de Hoy en Dia", Otrascosas de Villarosàs, Barcelona, Spain
2010:   "The Maker", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2010:   "The Dazzle", Narwhal Gallery, Toronto, ON
2010:   "Lush Life", Invisible-Exports Gallery, New York, NY
2010:   “Another Disposable Art Show”, 64 McCaul, Toronto, ON
2010:   "NeoIntegrity", Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, New York, NY
2009:   "Who's Got the Papers", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2009:   "B-X10", Apetit Gallery, Bilbao, Spain
2009:   "Brain Trust", Magic Pony Gallery, Toronto, ON
2008:   "Le Cinq", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2008:   "They Fought a Running Engagement", Fredericks and Freiser Gallery, New York, NY
2008:   "Toronto Underground", Art x Life Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2007:   "Two Years", Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
2007:   "Strange Brew", BLVD Gallery, Seattle, WA
2007:   "Pick of the Harvest: Batch Four", Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2006:   "Pick of the Harvest: Batch Three", Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2006:   "Sticky Situation", Gallery of Contemporary Arts of the National Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania
2006:   "The Inside Game", Portland Art Center, Portland, OR
2006:   "Non-Celestial Bodies", Begona Malone Gallery, Madrid, Spain
2005:   "Future Species", Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto, ON
2005:   “1st Annual Jewish Xmas Spectacular”, Harvey Levine Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2005:   "44 Boards", Mahan Gallery, Columbus, OH
2004:   "Futurerama", Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004:   "Characters at War", Zentralbuero, Berlin, Germany
2004:   "LE One", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004:   "Medallion Travel", Rad'a Gallery, Montreal, QU
2004:   "The Hollywood Show", Wooster Collective, New York, NY
2004:   "Design a Qee Finalist Exhibition", Playlounge Headquarters, London, UK
2004:   "Electric Eye", Sis Boom Bah Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004:   "Graphic", Fredricks and Freiser Gallery, New York, NY
2004:   "STRUKT", ARGE Kultur, Salzburg, Austria
2004:   "Go West", Greener Pastures, Toronto, ON
2004:   "Fond of My Countach", LE Gallery, Toronto, ON
2004:   "We Will Destroy - Round 2", Antenna Communications, Toronto, ON
2004:   "We Will Destroy - Round 1", Zero to One Gallery, Kitchener, ON
2003:   "Pictoplasma II Revisited", ZAKKA Corp., New York, NY
2003:   "Past, Present, Future", The Reactor Gallery, Toronto, ON
2003:   "Eazy Money", The Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, ON
2003:   "Pictoplasma II", Future Is Now Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Art Fairs

2016:   “Art on Paper”, New York, NY
2016:   “Room Art Fair”, Madrid, Spain
2015:   "Art Toronto", Toronto, ON
2014:   "Art Toronto", Toronto, ON
2014:   "Papier14", Montreal, QC
2013:   "Art Toronto", Toronto, ON
2012:   "Art Toronto", Toronto, ON
2012:   "Art Paris", Paris, France
2011:   "Salon du Dessin Contemporain", Paris, France
2011:    "The Armory Show", New York, NY
2011:    "SCOPE NYC", New York, NY
2010:   "SCOPE Basel", Basel, Switzerland
2010:   "Salon du Dessin Contemporain", Paris, France
2009:   "SLICK 09", Paris, France
2009:   "SCOPE Basel", Basel, Switzerland
2009:   "Art Paris", Paris, France
2008:   "SLICK 08", Paris, France
2008:   "Balelatina", Basel, Switzerland
2008:   "Arte Fiera", Bologna, Italy
2007:   "Toronto International Art Fair", Toronto, ON
2007:   "Volta 03", Basel, Switzerland
2006:   "The Armory Show", New York, NY
2006:   "Volta 02", Basel, Switzerland
2006:   "SCOPE Miami", Miami, FL
2006:   "ArtLA", Los Angeles, CA
2006:   "Toronto International Art Fair", Toronto, ON
2005:   "The Armory Show", New York, NY
2005:   "Night at the Jupiter", Portland, OR
2005:   "TAAFI", Toronto, ON

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Awards and Grants

2016: Ontario Arts Council - Emerging Artist Project Grant
2011: Canada Council for the Arts - Travel Grant
2010: Toronto Arts Council - Visual Artist Level 1 Project Grant


Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
The Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon Foundation, France
Coleccao Madeira Corporate Services, Portugal
Fidelity Investments, MA
Groupe Lumiere, France